International FAIR Convergence Symposium 2020

All topics related to issues, challenges, convergence and consensus-building around FAIR are in scope. Four primary themes are highlighted below. Examples of particular interest are listed under each of the themes, but proposals on other topics relating to the four themes are welcome:
1. CRISIS REDUCTION AND RESPONSE (learning from COVID-19 outbreak)

    Virus Outbreak Data Network
    COVID-19 initiatives on data exchange
    Balancing public good and individual freedom in disaster data
    Disaster Risk Reduction
    Infectious Disease (including (meta)data collection, description, analysis, modelling, etc.)
    Applying lessons from COVID-19 to other hazards

2. FAIR specifications

    Semantic interoperability
    FAIR vocabularies, FAIR metadata
    Certification of FAIR services (repositories, process)
    Legal challenges to tackle
    Systems analysis
    Core tools for cross-domain interoperability
    FAIR data objects applications

3. FAIR society

    FAIR for SDGs (including contributing to SDG data, scientific analysis of SDGs)
    Traditional knowledge, indigenous data and CARE
    Use cases of FAIR in business and industry
    Ethical dimensions of data, FAIR and open
    Smart, resilient and healthy cities
    Citizen science and the SDGs
    Policy monitoring: transportation, health, planning, and measuring economic impacts

4. Data stewardship: training and career opportunities

    Role of data stewardship centres in research institutions
    Data stewardship competences, skills and training
    Data stewardship career profiles and development
    Distributed learning on Federated Data train

Lundi, 30 Novembre, 2020 - 07:30 - Vendredi, 4 Décembre, 2020 - 22:30

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